A generalist's mindset with a specialist's experience

I am currently a freelance instructional designer, with a certificate in Instructional Technology from San Diego State University. I’ll obtain my Masters in Educational Technology from SDSU in Spring, 2012.  

explorerPreviously, I've worked for medical communications agencies, applying a generalist’s curiosity along with subject matter expertise (a PhD and research experience in molecular biology) to the development of educational materials and strategic communications for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. My focus was on oncology and neuropharmacology, but I developed a continuing passion for promoting health literacy and supporting more effective partnerships between patients and health care providers.

My interest in organizational development arises from my work as an intellectual property (IP) attorney. I’ve practiced IP law in law firms, as well as in biotechnology and pharmaceutical corporations, and I’ve had the opportunity to teach employees about IP law and how it applies to their work lives. I’ve worked with subject matter experts, writing patent applications to capture their ideas, and performed competitive analyses and led innovation workshops in response to business needs.

Because of my experiences,  I understand what makes learning solutions turn into action.  I’ve seen the tremendous power of using technology to enhance learning as well as the tremendous need to design with audience motivation and desired outcomes in mind. You can learn more about my approaches to instructional design by browsing my portfolio and reading my blog.