IP Quest: A game treatment

Although intellectual property (IP) is critical for most corporations, few employees understand the importance of IP capture or how IP strategies impact their business. It’s that thing that lawyers worry about and is too abstract to care about (until you realize you can’t sell your tech in a particular market and your competitors have copied all your great ideas). However, creating an IP strategy requires a big picture perspective of innovation, markets, and human relationships.

This is a treatment for a board game to help players grasp and apply some of the important elements of intellectual property law that can impact business strategies. In developing this treatment, I conducted a content analysis based on my subject matter expertise and a review of recent changes in IP law to identify content categories that might be relevant. I also relied on a survey of researchers at a biotech company to identify knowledge and skills gaps relating to IP as well to understand motivational issues relevant to this game. This treatment has been through a few rounds of revisions based on feedback from reviewers, but it has not been playtested yet, so there are doubtless still kinks to work out to make this a better game.