A digital storytelling course

I created a prototype for a college-level, instructor-led course: Creating Digital Narratives. I was particularly interested in developing a course that would help students view digital content critically while becoming digital creators themselves.

I used action-mapping  (Moore, 2008) as a model for creating the course, identifying what the learners needed to be able to do and then considering what they needed to know. Assessments are tied to learning outcomes for each of ten learning modules which are, in turn, designed to connect to course goals.

Students are provided with support materials in the LMS to orient them to online learning, the layout of the LMS, and to provide a sample learning path via a Learning Guide. Learners will construct knowledge by creating their own digital stories in stages and by testing their knowledge/experiences through social processes (sharing stories and constructively critiquing each others’ work as well as published examples of digital stories). Module activities are scaffolded so that students can constantly push the boundaries of their understanding.

Individual modules were designed using the ICARE model (Hoffman & Ritchie, 1998) using Web pages that learners could access via the LMS. Lesson outcomes are presented in context in an Introduction Web page. Concepts and principles are introduced in a Connect Web page (designed to be supplemented by live online sessions). Activities are described in an Apply page while students were encouraged to examine and develop their mental models through reflection questions in a Reflect Web page. Finally, enrichment activities/learning materials are included in an Extend web page. Each module also includes detailed rubrics to guide students’ learning.


Hoffman, B., & Ritchie, D. C. (1998). Teaching and learning online: Tools, templates, and training. Technology and Teacher Educational Annual [CD ROM]. Charlottesville, VA: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education.

Moore, C. (2008). Be an elearning action hero! [Web log post]. Retrieved from http://blog.cathy-moore.com/2008/05/be-an-elearning-action-hero/


a digital storytelling course

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