A health literacy primer for physicians

I created this project to provide individualized elearning instruction to physicians on the subject of health literacy. While only one in nine patients has proficient health literacy, most physicians overestimate the health literacy of their patients (Kelly & Haidet, 2007). Physicians lack awareness of the specific needs of low-literacy patients and are uncertain how to adjust their communication strategies to meet the needs of these patients. Targeting the physician component of physician-patient communications is important because physicians have a critical influence on a patient’s decision-making relating to health care strategies.

The lesson includes text and interactive elements (e.g., a drag and drop practice question simulating a doctor’s waiting room and case studies) and embedded Web pages that users can use to evaluate their practice demographics and test their skills in drafting plain language explanations.


Kelly, P. A., & Haidet, P. (2007). Physician overestimation of patient literacy: a potential source of health care disparities. Patient Education and Counseling, 66(1), 119-122.

health literacy primer

case scenario

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