A legal job aid

Patents are critical revenue-generating assets of biotechnology companies. Ideally, the legal department of such companies would like every employee to file an optimal number of invention disclosure forms (IDFs) a year, describing their inventions in sufficient detail to help business leaders and patent attorneys decide if a patent filing is warranted.

A performance analysis of one biotechnology company revealed that skills and knowledge deficits, as well as decreased motivation, could stand in the way of optimal behaviors. A performance support tool was appropriate to address the skills and knowledge deficits component of the problem because:

  • Training resources had decreased;
  • The need for IDF filing can occur long after training;
  • The information that employees need to fill out an IDF is complex, relating to multiple patent statutes and their judicial interpretations; and
  • There are severe consequences to not filing an IDF in a timely fashion, since this can preclude obtaining patent rights for core company technology.

I created both an online and printable version of a job aid to support employees and the legal department and to enhance IP capture.

legal job aid


The online portion of the job aid: from idea
to US patent application

Worksheet: The Invention Worksheet