Becoming a participating patient

Today’s patients have access to an unprecedented amount of online health care information. However, many lack the knowledge and skills to use online resources effectively. Unable to assess whether information is credible, feeling intimidated and rushed during doctor’s visits, and daunted by treatment options and complicated prescription labels, many lack with the ability and confidence to participate in, and manage, their own health care. The goal of this website, “Becoming a Participating Patient” is to change individuals from being health care consumers (i.e., a target of advertisers) to being health information learners who are able to problem solve to tap into larger social networks and partner with their physicians to take charge of their own health care.

The website is divided into 4 modules:

  • How to find reliable health information

  • How to create an electronic Personal Health Record

  • How to partner with your doctor

  • How to weigh treatment options


Each module, in turn, is divided into "guidance," "stories," "resources," and "discovery" sections from which patients can pull information and learning materials according to their unique needs. Visual navigation and plain language is used throughout the site.

Becoming a Participating Patient website

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